Learning with Waste Pickers/Reclaimers in South Africa Part 1

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Resources

Waste pickers/reclaimers in South Africa are running several innovative recycling and material recovery projects. The Day 1 webinar below enable viewers to hear directly from waste pickers themselves about the recycling projects they have initiated (See Day 2 here). These waste picker led projects show how innovations from waste pickers and reclaimers offer an environmental good for us all by reducing waste to landfill, providing critical livelihoods for many people, and offering educational resources for residents on the importance of recycling and reuse. The integration of informal waste pickers/reclaimers is increasingly advocated as best global practice to address environmental and social justice priorities. Click on the videos below to hear waste pickers share their experiences, challenges, and learnings for integration into municipal systems.

This session explains what the Waste Picker Integration Guidelines are and why they are so important in South Africa, and showcases the work of Waste Pickers from the African Reclaimers Organisation and the South African Waste Picker Association from Brixton, Auckland, Boipatong and Bloemfontien. This webinar was co-hosted by groundWork, the Urban Futures Centre, Asiye eTafuleni, Wits University, UNIDO, SALGA, CSIR and the People of Japan”.

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